Imperialist, misogynistic progressives

This is a follow up from my previous posting.

That’s right. The people of North African and Arab nations are protesting at the behaviour of their fellow countrymen. Basically, they are saying that the back lash against immigrants leading to the closing of the European  borders are all due to the behaviour of some of them.

They are unconditionally condemning the attacks on women.

All right, feminists. All right. social justice warriors. All right, lefties. All right progressives, step up and do the same.

If a white, straight, middle aged man condemned the attacks unreservedly  then you would scream ‘racist’ ‘right wing’ ‘misogynist’.  But it isn’t them. It’s the Middle Easterners who speak up, whom feel shame and disgust at the behaviour of their peers.

It’s the same people that the lefties have a habit of lumping together, as one homogeneous group and labelling   ‘brown young  men’ they claim the right hate.

Unless the left refuse to join in the condemnation because of course the white, middle class Islington dinner party chattering classes know the Middle Eastern mind set better than those who live there?

Is Imperialism and misogyny fine if it’s from the left?