First posting!

I decided to join (re join) WordPress and dive right in head first, so to speak, with an open letter to Thunderf00t of happy memory.

(The personal address to Thunderf00t has been removed).

Dr Mason. Sir. What’s happened? Has you YouTube been taken over by a group of mean fourteen year old girls?
Tee hee! Feminists! Tee hee! Social Justice Warriors! Tee hee! See how witty I am!
I can see it rakes the pounds in, and I know a while back you decided to give up the day job and become a YouTube partner but really, is the loss in prestige really worth the money?
A mind is a sad thing to waste and your inquiring mind has been swamped by the cloggy sea of conspiracy theorists. It’s sad, because I still believe there is some good science and understanding in you. Still, I suppose it pays the bills, and that is what it’s all about.
Take care, and may your future be bright, like the future you are sure will happen.
Thank you.